We’re thrilled to see new interest in this classic form of printing. But our interest in letterpress goes beyond simple nostalgia. We make the best letterpress plates money can buy.


Our Laser Imaged vs. Traditional Plates

Our photopolymer plates aren’t your typical letterpress plates. We’ve brought letterpress into the 21st century. We laser image all of our plates, eliminating the need for film negatives which soften and diminish the image during exposure. This makes them clearer and sharper, especially reversed type and knockout print. And with their uniform thickness and excellent ink transfer, a kiss impression is all you’ll need get every fine detail. They’ll work with just about any type of ink you want slather on them, too – oil-based, rubber-based, vegetable-based, soy-based, you name it.


Our photopolymer letterpress plates are virtually indestructible. So if you want that debossed look that’s popular these days, go ahead and smash it. Photopolymer is the best material for deforming paper. Excessive pressure will ruin metal type but not photopolymer. Our plates will last for years so you can use them over and over again. And they’re plastic-backed so you don’t have to worry about bending or creasing them like with metal-backed.

Go Ahead, Smash It.


Our West Coast Advantage

Our operations are streamlined to move plates quickly. With manufacturing times close to an hour, we routinely deliver the same day to our local customers. Our west coast advantage enables our east coast customers to place an order before going home and have their plate shipped overnight, ready and waiting when they start work the next morning.


Flexo may be in our name but letterpress is in our roots. Crown Flexo is a family owned business now in it’s 3rd generation in the printing industry which started with letterpress. We’re proud to help bring letterpress to the 21st century. Flexo printing evolved from letterpress and now we’re happy to bring the modern advancements of flexo platemaking back to letterpress.

Our Roots