You can’t find a better supplier of flexo plates than Crown Flexo. We provide the perfect mixture of price, quality, speed and expertise.


Our thermally processed, laser imaged digital plates enable any flexo printer to achieve an unrivaled level of print quality. As one of the earliest adopters of digital platemaking, our customers have been enjoying the benefits for nearly a decade. With superior highlights and low dot gain, digital plates are essential for process printing. Add to that the sharp reverses and uniform ink transfer and they’re a necessity for any job.

Laser Imaged / Thermal Processed


Our West Coast Advantage

Our operations are streamlined to move plates quickly. With manufacturing times close to an hour, we routinely deliver the same day to our local customers. Our west coast advantage enables our east coast customers to place an order before going home and have their plate shipped overnight, ready and waiting when they start work the next morning.


Our prices are low by design. We’ve spent years carefully tuning our efficiency not only to work rapidly but to keep our overhead low. We pass on those savings to our customers and make up for it in volume. Working in volume furthers our cost savings by keeping our raw material waste low. Including raw material and waste, processing solvents, energy, staff and equipment upkeep costs, we can make digital plates cheaper than most printers can make in-house conventional plates. Finally, we research all the latest technological offerings but we won’t sink money into frivolous technologies simply because it might look good on a spec sheet. If it doesn’t translate into appreciable, real-world printing improvements for our customers, we’re not interested.

Hidden Costs


Our West Coast Advantage

Our staff has the expertise to solve just about any problem you might have. With more than 30 years of experience there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Our crew helped pioneer some of the staples of modern flexo printing technologies and techniques and we continue our commitment to innovation.